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How to purchase online

So simple! You can order now using one of three ways and pay with one of our three mode of payment.

  1. Buy online: select the trees you wish to acquire in OUR TREES section and add them to your shopping cart. Check out and fill in the personal information required for billing. Once the order is placed after step 2 you will be directed to an external page for the payment option by credit card: VISA, Mastercard or American Express.
  2. Email order: If you don’t wish to use a credit card, send us an email detailing the species, calibers and quantities you want to buy. Once we receive your email we will send you an ELECTRONIC INVOICE that can be paid using PayPal services or by cheque for canadian customers.
  3. Over the phone: you can reach us at 1-819-386-4834, once you have placed you order on the phone we will send you an ELECTRONIC INVOICE by email, which you will have to provide us when calling. The invoice can be paid using PayPal services, or a personal cheque for the total amount of the invoice can be sent by mail. You can also come to pay in person but an appointment is required and should be agreed upon when calling in the order so we can ensure someone receives you when you come to pay.

During summer we prefer only sell potted trees and they are available at the nursery. Sometime, we make exceptions and send small potted seedlings too.

Terms and conditions for a reservation

If you wish in advance to order a large amount of trees and you don’t want to pay now… we have a solution. We ask for a 30 % deposit if you have ordered by email or phone. In this case, we will send you an invoice by paypal or by email and you can pay this deposit with a cheque or online through Paypal. No order deposit option are possible if you purchase through your shopping cart online.

Information on shipping

By Courier Express service

Bus delivery only for customers inside Canada

Depending on where you live in Canada, it’s highly possible that we ship your order by bus services, (Greyhound Express service). This ensures a faster delivery of your order and a less expensive cost, most of the time, compared to Canada post and they accept oversize and unpackaged trees in a box.

By Canada Post

For shipping in Canada and for outside Canada

If we cannot reach you by courier express and we chose Canada post, we wish to inform you that the minimum shipping cost for a box 24”x12” x12” is $16.50 for standard delivery. Larger box sizes are available for shipping. We do not ship Priority because it is not cost effective for the client. The plants can easily sustain 10 days in shipping without damage.


Example: A box 48”x16”x16” weighing between 1 kg and 26kg will ship for the same price which is $50.50 to most regions in Québec, $65.00 for more remote regions and similarly for the Maritimes. Ontario also benefit from a similar cost when shipping. Keep this in mind when placing an order.

We also have good price charts for shipping in United-States. If you are not ordering from U.S or Canada, we will be contacting you to inform you about the shipping cost by air cargo or ground shipping. Often, when shipping outside the U.S and Canada, we use the services of a customs brokerage company for more efficiency in the delivery steps.

Important: If we cannot use either mode of delivery and for large orders, we will use a ground delivery company. At any time, feel free to e-mail us if you have questions


Nutcracker Nursery ensures that all information provided online including banking details and other information obtained by email or telephone conversations remain confidential. We will not share this information with third parties.


Every order placed through our website is subject to a follow up email or phone call. During the follow up, the order details and the mode of payment will be reviewed to ensure the accuracy of the information. You can pay for your order directly online using Monetico and Paypal if an electronic invoice is emailed to you to facilitate the payment, and includes applicable taxes and shipping. Other modes of payments are available as mentioned above Canadian fund cheque, cash at the nursery, money transfert with Interact.

Important information when ordering trees – season, delivery and transplant timing.

Bare root trees are not harvested during the growing season because it causes damage and diminishes the quality of the product. They are available during spring and fall; they can be ordered and reserved for the next harvest at any time. It is imperative to plant bare root trees as soon as they have been delivered so that the trees do not suffer damage.

During summer, only potted trees are sold and delivered because they can be planted at any time during the growing season, they are also available in the spring and the fall.

If you have more questions

You may find the answers on our Terms and Conditions page. If you have not found what you are looking for you can email us at: or give us a call at: 1-819-386-4834.

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