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High quality trees for a greener world!

Important: We currently take orders for the fall shipping season. Place your order online as soon as possible to make a reservation. You can also write us an e-mail.
We will start digging bare root trees late September / early October prior to the shipping in October and November.
Have a wonderful summer!

You can also come at the nursery to buy potted trees.

Our business hours
Monday to Friday from 9h30 to 16h00
Week-end from 9h30 to 15h00

Nut trees
More than 25 varieties
of nut trees to try
Learn more!  >
Rare trees
More than 30 species
of rare and unusual
trees to discover
Learn more!  >
Berries, minor fruits and fruit trees
Berries, minor fruits and fruit trees
Learn more!  >
Oak trees
Noble, attractive and strong;
find your own magic tree by choosing
in our complete oak section
Learn more!  >
Indigenous trees
Our section dedicated to our
native trees in eastern Canada
Learn more!  >
Ornamental shrubs and trees
Other varieties of ornamental
shrubs and trees, shrubs
Learn more!  >
Citrus and other exotic plants
A choice of citrus and some
exotic shrubs and trees are
offered in this section
Learn more!  >
Nuts, stratified seeds and other products
Nuts for sale, nutcracker, seeds
and other products: you could find
something interesting
Learn more!  >
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